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Early Twenties | Limited Alt Cover CD

Early Twenties | Limited Alt Cover CD

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Released: 12th July, 2024

cat burns 'early twenties' on limited CD jewel case

multi-brit-nominated, double-platinum-selling artist cat burns cements her position as one of the uk’s most exciting singer/songwriters with the announcement of her eagerly-anticipated debut album, early twenties.

set for release on 12th july 2024, early twenties is a love letter to her community and explores the complexities and emotions surrounding this era of adulthood, filled with cat’s honest and diaristic storytelling.


  1. alone 
  2. go
  3. end game
  4. boy crazy
  5. this is what happens
  6. people pleaser 
  7. met someone
  8. live more & love more 
  9. jodie
  10. low self esteem  
  11. you don’t love me anymore 
  12. false hope
  13. no more 
  14. happier without you
  15. some things don’t last forever
  16. know that you’re not alone 
  17. healing feat. India.Arie
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